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My interview with Boss Madigan will find its way into the story but for now something far more exciting has come up. Last night there was a massive shoot out between members of two gangs. It’s a true tragedy because a witness claims one of the gangs was using a young woman as a shield and the other was trying to grab her. The witness also claimed she had seen the young woman’s picture in the newspaper recently. It is unfortunate that the witness, a bystander was struck by a stray bullet and died.

If there is any good news in this it is that Azi Toll is alive. Carver Manx was seen in the area and an hour later the Olympian vanished again. This reporter went to track down Calgary’s top gumshoe and I found him, or should I say he found me looking for him.

I won’t say where they are but Manx managed to snatch Azi Toll from her kidnappers and has her tucked away safely. He said he was going to see Boss Madigan soon but there was a problem which Manx would not divulge. I suspect though our Olympian is in more trouble than anyone suspected.

Meanwhile, after the shoot out ended the police moved in and rounded up any one who was unable to get away. The Police told the gathering of reporters that had they interfered with the shoot out things would have been worse. As it was, seven thugs were taken to hospital with minor wounds, three with life threatening wounds and two were hauled off to the morgue. Carver Manx was grazed by a bullet when he was rescuing Azi Toll who escaped unharmed but her face was bruised according to Manx.

This reporter is wondering now if she is trying to escape more than her kidnappers.


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