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Sully Mack shot a glance up and down the street. To him everyone was looking for him. That’s why he was on the streets, hiding in plain sight. And no one had ever tried to dump him in the Bow River, though the cops had fished him out of it a few times. But whether or not he saw and heard things that were real and always remembered them in detail. All you had to do is sort through the garbage stuck in the crevices of his mind.

Sully rattled the coins in his tin cup. Carver Manx showed him a half c-note and said, “It’s all yours if you tell me something about the Shadow Ravens and what they are up to.

“Oh Mano, yer getting into deep waters if you go there. They’re not just another bike gang. These louts have friends in high places and minions in low places and even Boss M. is scared. I hear tell they have big bucks from some major players backing them up.”

“Why would something that big want Boss Madigan out of the way? Manx interrogated.

“Beats me Mano, but they do and they got that Olympic chick tucked away somewhere down Wharf Side Ave.”

You mean Boss Madigan’s niece.” Manx relied.

“Don’t know about that but I guess it makes sense since Alfie said they’d killer her if Boss M. Didn’t back out.”

“Who is Alfie?”

Sully shrugged his shoulders and nodded in a nowhere in particular direction. “He runs with The Wharf Rats who are doin some dirty work for the Shadow Ravens.”

Manx tucked the half c-note in Sully’s tin cup and said thanks but Sully had one more thing to say.

“Watch yer back Gumshoe. The Shadow Raven boss knows all there is to know about you and Boss M.”

“Thanks Tin Cup. I’ll keep that in mind.” Manx replied as he strode away. It was looking like things were going to get tougher.

My midnight column head line read, “Olympic Hopeful Missing In Action. The story I wrote gave the back ground of Azianna Toll, how she had come from a poor back ground and saved herself from the dredges of poverty, which was almost true. I couldn’t tell the truth about her uncle paying the bills to keep her going. Her mother, Boss Madigan’s estranged sister bit the bullet when Azi was five, and her father was an unknown.

I made a blow up of the photo Manx gave me and filled a quarter tabloid page with it. Underneath the picture I had the printers put in, “Have You Seen Our Missing Olympian.”


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