Carver Manx – 2

I don’t think I have ever seen Carver Manx scared and I am not sure he was when he talked about the new bad guy in town, but he did pull his forty five out of moth balls and strapped the holster to his shoulder. He also called his friend at the cop shop, Sheriff Les Maynfield. This meant he was covering his butt in case things went south and the lead started to fly. But for now his case was all about a missing kid whose 18th birthday turned out to be a day in hell.

Carver Manx Loves the city. He loves it enough to go an extra ten klicks to keep it safe and sometimes that gets him into a lot of trouble.

Private Eyes are not suppose to stick their nose into police business but when a tough guy named Boss Madigan from the city’s underworld society takes time out to visit a PI at home it’s a good idea to pay attention and not send the guy packing.

So Madigan hadn’t reported the snatch to the cops. He picked Manx. Why he picked Calgary’s notorious crime buster is a matter of speculation. I figure it was because if anyone was going to get the kid back and back alive her best chance was Carver.

When a PI gets wind of a crime he’s suppose to pass it along to the cops, which Manx did, more or less when he called his Sheriff friend. What he left out was who the client was and who the victim was. He simply reported there had been a kidnapping. Les Maynfield made his notes and dutifully told Manx to keep him in the loop when he got any workable information.

“What does a kidnapped kid have to do with a new bad guy in town?” I asked.

“The way I got it from Madigan is, the kid is his niece and she is being used to cut Boss down to size. The new creeps want the west end and Boss Madigan’s business.” Manx answered thoughtfully.

“You got something else on your mind.” I pushed him.

“Yah, but I’ll keep it to myself for now. I don’t need the whole city knowing what I am planning.” Manx gave me the evil eye suggesting I might spill the beans prematurely, which is possible. I can’t always keep things on the hush, especially when my editor is hounding me for copy.

“So why are you letting me get my foot in the door Mr. PI.?”

“Because when you are on my heels I know where you are and what you are up to. I want you to get it all down after it happens and get it down right without any cream cheese added in to spice it up. Right now I want you to tell the good people of our city to keep an watch out for this girl, not as a kidnapping but as a missing kid.”

Manx handed me a photograph of the girl and my jaw dropped.

“Geez Manx. We just did a huge story on this kid. She’s heading for the Olympics. Last  winter she took the provincials in the Biathlon.”

“Yah just never know who belongs to who these days.” Manx replied in a way that told me I had not coughed up anything he didn’t already know.

“Ok Pal. I’ll do it but I gotta tell you you’re not making any sense to me.”

“Time is a luxury no one has. I have to flush out this new kid in town fast.”

“Cripes Manx. You putting me in the firing line.”

“Don’t worry Bud. I’ll get between you and the lead.”

“Yah sure. Then when they get you they’ll plug me.”

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