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Maybe things would have been better off if Boss Madigan had bowed to the demands of his niece’s kidnappers. If he had I would not be writing this story and I would not be telling the city of the blood bath looming over their streets, alleyways and avenues. But Madigan will never let go of his hold on the West End or the criminal underworld. He owns too much, too many people and too much money creeps into his pockets to satisfy his greed.

Almost nine decades ago there was another night just like this one that turned a Chicago night into a real time horror story. I don’t think anyone in this city believed it could or would happen here.

Carver Manx called me at 9 pm and warned me that things were going to get hot and to tell the cops all hell was going to break loose. Boss Madigan was going to put the city and it’s corrupt in their place.

“What about the niece Manx?”

“Madigan will never see her again. Nor will any one else. She told me a story that belongs in the archives of the macabre. I will tell it to you when this is all over. It’ll make good copy and fill up your column for a week. In the mean time get ready for the explosion. The lid is going to blow off the city tonight and the Shadows are going to start flapping their lips or running like hell”

I sat back in my chair and sucked in a deep breath with visions of a Pulitzer in my eyes.

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