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Build Your List, Database, and Influence Through Your Book Sales

Are you using your book to build your list and expand your reach?

If not, you are missing an opportunity to sell more books, sell books in bulk, and generate a lot more book sales. You’re also missing opportunities to make a bigger difference in the world through the message of your book.

Many authors we meet through Raise a Dream are so relieved when their book is finally published, that they are then overwhelmed by the next big burst of energy needed to focus on book marketing strategies, especially for first-time authors.

Here’s the great news… you can create systems in your book business that help you market your book in less time.

You see, many of the book marketing and sales strategies are repeated over and over again. When you create a system, there is a higher likelihood that you will build your list and influence faster (which translates to more sales and more fans)!

How to Build Email Lists for Book Marketing

Having an email list is essential to being a successful author and selling books. Without one, you will find yourself constantly marketing to the same people (friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues).

Your list serves your book marketing strategies in many ways:

  • You can invite your list to your live or virtual events and book signing events.
  • When you have new books or products (or sales) you can generate sales and social energy from your list.
  • Your email list is more likely to buy from you than your audience on social media platforms.
  • Your database will get to know you (people love to know the author behind the book).
  • You can keep your list updated on activities related to your book (awards, media mentions) because your fans can then good gossip about you (Dr. Shawne Duperon calls this the “Cycle of Reciprocity”).

How to Build Email Lists for eBook Marketing

What strategies can you use to have your ebook help you build your list?

  • In your ebook, put links to your website (with an optin on your webpage for a free product).
  • Have links in your ebook to downloadable products or resources on your webpage (which requires the reader to input an email address to access the resource).
  • Have a webinar as part of your ebook launch (the webinar attendees will help build your list).

Back to the systems… create a chart or Excel spreadsheet that lists every marketing activity you do that includes list-building activities. You can then schedule yourself a reminder on your cell phone, a reminder in Google calendar, or set yourself a task in a project management system like Asana or Teamwork.

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