The Forgotten Song

Editor and Co-author’s Note
It was my promise to my sister, Charlene (Cherry) , that I finish
and publish The Forgotten Song.
She spent the last few years dedicating many hours to the
composition of this beautiful love story and it deserves to be read
and felt in your soul.
At Cherry’s request I made one change to the story and I have only
added the final chapter which is short and to the point.
I edited her words only for clarity and concision.
She gave me her story a few months before she passed away and
asked me to help her finish it because she was tired and in pain. It
was her wish that it be shared with our loved ones.
I only wish that I could have completed this while Cherry was still
living, but sadly that is not the case.
While I was struggling with an appropriate ending to her story I
searched out every beautiful piano composition I could find and
I listened while I wrote and edited. One song instantly resonated
with me - When the Last Angel Falls, by Henrik Airaksinen. With
most appreciation and gratitude I thank him for his permission
to use his song in the book trailer, and I recommend that you read
this story with the music softly in the background.
My dearest Cherry, it is with deepest love and honor that I am
able to publish your story and share your words with those who
loved you so much. May this book complete your dreams.
Your sister, Cindy