Books: An Extraordinary Experience, by Stephen Hobbs

By Stephen Hobbs, EdD

A book is an experience. And depending on your critique, an extraordinary experience.

I relish the times when a new book arrives: its touch, its smell, and its visual appeal. And I’m getting better at welcoming the Kindle and pdf books, albeit with the need to carry an odd shaped book reader with the reminder beeping to plug it in.

Whether written by a novelist, children’s storyteller, essayist, poet, scholar, business mentor, each book is a creation at play between the reader and the author.

The Book

Front cover, back cover, and table of contents; these highlight the book’s bravado while acknowledging the author, encouraging the reader, and announcing its readiness to be consumed now; later in private; or leisurely on the beach, in the bedroom, and sitting in row 1A flying from Calgary, Alberta to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Every book leads to an experience. You experience it through touch and/or finger swipes. Also, the book frames the experience from which you share your understanding and stories for conversations.

A book nurtures a lived transition, through reading and viewing, and it unearths possible personal transformation and transcendence thus shaping its extra-ordinariness. Because when the book encourages and extends a lived experience, so begins the relationship between the reader as learner and author as educator.

The Reader

The reader seeks what the book has to offer. Non-fiction satisfies questions, and problems are solved. Fiction satisfies cravings and sometimes answers questions.

Each time the reader enters a book with intentions, they leave with an awareness; they consider the book to fall somewhere along the goodgreatmemorableremarkableextraordinary continuum. Think back to your books. Where do they nestle along the continuum?

The Author

The author demonstrates courage and commitment to present the book. Because it’s more about perseverance than inspiration. The stick-to-it-ness of the author must be celebrated because they shaped and moved wordless to become books.

In celebration of authors and their books, it’s important to recognize that social media-based best-sellers are often not indicative of what becomes extraordinary in your life. Discern what makes sense for you. Decide if the author has earned your gift of being called your educator.

Have you noticed in particular when a book arrives – is it at a time when questions well inside? Did the book fall towards you from the shelf, or did a notice appear on your computer announcing a new and/or old book is available? Its timing is impeccable. Necessary! And the book becomes the message to move you forward. Sometimes without having to read the whole book.

At the end of the read, did you determine the book’s fitness as an extraordinary experience? Does the book shape and move you? If yes, then celebrate how it adds threads to your life tapestry and write a review. Spread its lessons with attribution and step into writing your book as an extraordinary experience.

Stephen Hobbs, EdD is an author of 15 self-published books related to the design and delivery of extraordinary workplace experiences using nature-based architexture. He walks, cooks gluten-free, lactose-free meals, and serves as a philanthropist for children and trees programs. Website: Email:


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