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Postcapitalism: A Guide to Our Future (Book Review)

with Stella Constance

Paul Mason, the award-winning former television news economics editor and writer for The Guardian and other publications, guides the reader on the profound changes that capitalism has endured in its history, and the future direction it is heading, in his latest book, “Postcapitalism: A Guide to Our Future”.   He discusses the information technology being at the core of the change, evolving state-backed corporate capitalism towards a “network economy”.  In its wake, it is changing the way a large segment of society interacts and lives.  He investigates and uncovers the framework of banking schemes, the underlying mechanics of the cyclical rise and fall of western economies, rating agencies’ complicities, corporate price fixing to the disclosure of the real meaning and effect of the austerity project for citizens in the West.  Despite these preventable sequences of human-made crisis, he challenges the readers to take it as an opportunity to create a more socially just and sustainable economy.  Mason argues that we have a moment in history to take the time to understand, predict, and shape our futures.  This book is an exciting and informative read for those who follow the cyclical nature of our current economy, now in transition.

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