Beyond the Eye, by Art Proctor

A Yuletide Fantasy

It is now mid-evening by the second Sun of Romnac in the Valley of Thunder. The shadows of diversion leads our Warrior Princess off the path of least resistance unto a ridge where she spies a semi-sealed entry. After a short excavation of debris, she unearths a hole, wherein she crawls through and comes to a cavity that houses an underground chamber.

The smoke of fire and the scent of brimstone hovers ominously in a cavern of red rock while the eternal inferno of the underworld flickers and lights a montage of movement.

A slow and minor harmonic dirge melodically swells, while shadowy beings hang inverted from ledges. Stirred by an internal clock, these masculine creatures of the dusk awaken and extend their limbs and move in time to the growing murmur of music. These life forms now engaged sway in unison on their trapeze-like apparatus performing an aerial ritual of dance and percussion.

This act creates a vortex that summons the nymphs of fire. Materializing seemingly out of the flames, these female nymphs stir themselves into an ecstatic trance, which draws the aerial spirits to them and culminates in impassioned duets.

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