Be Grateful

Being grateful is so important
but not always easy to do,
here’s one way to accomplish
a grateful feeling for you.

Make a list of one hundred
things you are grateful for
it sounds like a lot, but once you start
you’ll probably think of more.

Start with family members,
and the roof over your head,
the warmth and security of your home
and the comfort of your bed.

List your skills and talents—
what you like to do,
little things you’re grateful for,
some known only to you.

Air you breathe, water to drink,
flowers, trees, the sky,
vehicles that transport you,
birds that are flying by.

Your career or retirement,
vacations you’ve been on,
exercise you are able to do—
to keep you carrying-on.

Take time out to read that list
when things aren’t going your way,
it will help you get through challenges.
Be grateful for each day.

Jean Kay

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