park bench autumn

Autumn Days

Cooling rains, darker nights,
students back in school,
most crops are now harvested,
that’s Mother Nature’s rule.

Leaves are changing colour.
Some trees now look their best:
brilliant gold, red, or orange–
beauty for eyes to digest.

Settling in for winter
is what we tend to do,
as strong winds blow the leaves off
changing our summer view.

Autumn is often quiet time–
the lull before winter storms.
A time to gather firewood
for an indoor fire that warms.

Migrating time for ducks and geese,
hummingbirds now mostly gone,
eagles nests are empty,
robins have moved along.

We dream of warm vacations
to our favorite getaways,
or all the indoor projects we have
to make the most of shorter days.

Fall/winter programs now in place
we can sign up for one or two.
There’s always something more to learn,
for a project we’re yet to do.

As autumn quietly prepares us
for the cooler months ahead,
be grateful for abundant harvests
and the pathways on which we are led.

Jean Kay – Poet

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