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Is Your Book Cover Attracting Buyers?

3 Things to Consider about Your Book’s Cover

Is  your book cover attracting buyers? The content may be great but if the cover is bad, the chances of your book being discovered diminish.

Your BOOK COVER can be the difference between success and failure. 

In a bookstore you compete with thousands of other books in your genre, but on Amazon you compete with every other book that was ever published.


Book stores generally display books are on the shelf with the spine out,  so even if you have a great Book Title it will not catch the reader’s attention.

Reader’s look first at your cover, and if they like the cover they will check out the back cover and see what the book is about. If the back cover is gripping they’ll then turn to the first page.
If you’ve got your reader opening your book to the first page then you’ve done a good job and you may have made a sale.

But none of this is going to happen without a good cover.


Show a scene or characters from the story. Images like dragons, knights, castles, mountains, or a battle scene are part of the plot and their inclusion on the cover is a clue as to your books genre and story. You only get one chance to make a good first impression.

You may have written the greatest book in history, but if the cover is a disaster, no one will ever look inside.

When we discuss the book cover we also refer to the back cover. Today authors websites and Facebook pages appear as the back cover text, along with a review or two.


By paying too little attention to the cover this can impact not just the sales of that particular title but also your reputation as a writer and we all know that bad publicity has a tendency to stick around much longer than most of us would like.
A successful book cover creates a good first impression with people visiting the bookstore or your website and pressing the download button.