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Opal Publishing has a story that I feel strongly needs to be told.

In August of 2000 my mother published a book, The Many Waters, that she had been researching and working on since I was 12 years old. I can still remember the ceiling high book case in the living room that my father had built and my mother’s old manual typewriter on the kitchen table.  She self-published her book under her own publishing company, Rosetta Stone Press.

Writing and the love of books has been instilled me for as long as I can remember, and my mother was not the only member of the family who had an interest in writing; my sister Charlene was also a writer.

Charlene began writing her book, The Forgotten Song, but before she could finish she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Before being admitted to the hospital she asked me to edit her manuscript. I offered to finish the story for her and she agreed. As I sat one evening attempting to write an ending to her story I searched YouTube for a piece of piano music that I felt would put me in the right space, and I found the most moving music I have ever heard.  When The Last Angel Falls, by Henrik Airaksinen would become the soundtrack for the book. I contacted the composer and  was granted permission to use it. While immersed in the music I wrote the last chapter. It was like my sister was there with me as I wrote, and I believe I she was. She never did get to hear the ending of the story because she passed away two weeks later in June 2014.

In 2015, only eight months after my sister died, my mother passed away. I decided to retire my mothers publishing company, Rosetta Stone Press, and instead start my own publishing company where I had plans to keep my mother and sisters’ books alive. In my search for a name for my publishing company I decided to call it Opal – named after the birthstone that my mother and I shared. Opal Publishing was registered as a business on November 29, 2014. The opal is a rare and beautiful gem that is said to have an energy that allows you to express your true self. It will inspire originality and boost creativity. Its metaphysical properties and energy are that of inner fire and intuition; how beautifully this  describes how I feel about Opal Publishing.

The Many Waters



The Many Waters and The Forgotten Song