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I have been struggling with my perception of what a perfect body is. Having my own prejudice, my own personal issues, I understand there is a struggle with health that it is affecting everyone and losing the appreciation of the beauty of having a good health. I have come to realize too many people are stuck with aches and pains, cardiovascular conditions, weight control issues, eating disorders, diabetes, hormone unbalance and much more. It doesn’t have to be this way. That is why I created Dee Health n’ Fitness through my vision and mission, I am committed to create an impact on the planet, as well as future generations to help and influence you to have an easy, simple and sustainable lifestyle that allows you to go back to the basics and connect with the self while using exercise as a tool.
I am Denise, AKA Dee, a mom of three teenagers, an immigrant from Venezuela and ready to change the world.


Dee Mago

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Liberty Forrest

Maybe you’re feeling stuck. Perhaps a bit lost and needing direction. Or you could use some clarity, some guidance, a new perspective, or some answers that will bring you hope.
I know how that feels.
Combining my own turbulent life and healing journey, my professional background in social work and counselling, and my abilities as a psychic and medium, for decades my unique perspectives and insights have been assisting countless people on their personal and spiritual development journeys.
I am able to tune in and “laser focus” on some of the deeper issues or other factors that may be causing or contributing to your current challenges. My gentle guidance will bring you clarity, assisting you in getting unstuck and moving again. I can help you to love and forgive yourself, to let go of old wounds and pain, and to connect with the beautiful spirit that is your true essence.
And perhaps, as sometimes happens during my sessions, one or two of your loved ones might come through with healing words of comfort and encouragement. It’s always such a blessing when we get messages from the spirit world.
I will not give you health or financial advice. I am not going to tell you if you should fold your business, go bankrupt, have that surgery etc. Those big decisions are for you to decide with qualified professionals.
Instead, my compassionate, heart-centered guidance readings will help you find the clarity, direction and hope that will inspire you to move forward if you’re feeling stuck.

Contact me here to book your appointment and let’s get you back into the light of hope.

Consultations are via “Zoom”, a free video platform that can be used on computer or internet-capable phones.

Secure Payment options: PayPal or in Canada only, e-transfer (if this is your preference, contact me to book manually)

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Angela Villavicencio

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