John D Robinson

A Case For Daydreaming


Just how long I had remained sitting in the same position without moving so much as an eyelid, I’ve no idea; three, four hours maybe, maybe longer. I was sitting at a large wooden table staring blindly out into the sprawling back garden; my life played itself out before me amongst the bushes and shrubbery and plants and flowers; coming back to me like a long train of flashing Polaroid pictures; eighty five years.

I watched my lifetime worth of smiles and sorrows, my triumphs and failures. I watched my sadness and happiness briefly live again before me. I felt each moment, each pulse beat of the past. I felt each picture of my life deep inside; it moved and lived again, momentarily, within.
I watched as my wife moved from her early twenties through to her eighties. I watched as her mind changed and became entangled in the past and forgetful of the present. I looked on as she was taken from me and I heard her voice that has never changed.
I watched our babies become children; become adults; become parents; become grandparents. I heard their first babies cry again, their first words, felt their tear drops, breathed their beautiful smiles and drank in their laughter.
Many faces of those I once knew and loved smiled once again. I felt their warmth and their truth breathe once more, even for just a moment, it was beautiful. I heard their words of comfort, their kindly words of encouragement and I looked them in the eyes once more and thanked them.
I began daydreaming at the age of five, now, eighty years later it’s about all I want to do.

John D Robinson

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