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In this issue:
  • Opal Interview with Ruth Kozak
  • Are You Using the Same Social Media Channels as Your Target Audience? By Catherine Saykaly-Stevens
  • POETRY | Two Powerful Words, by Jean Kay
  • HEALTH & FITNESS | Priorities, by Dee Mago
  • Alexandra Writers’ Society: An In-the-City Writing Retreat, by Barbori Garnet
  • POETRY | Ursa Major, by Lisa Lunney
  • MIND-BODY-SPIRIT | There is No Strength Store, by Liberty Forrest
  • PROSE | Blind, by Trinity Funk
  • FICTION | Welcome to the Machine, by Boris Glikman
  • FICTION | Return to Sender: Episode One, by Art Proctor
  • Dogton Manor | color serial story by Donald H Roberts

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