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Revive the Art of Letter Writing

There’s nothing like sitting down in your favorite armchair with a handwritten letter from a friend or loved one. I found a box of letters in the attic of an old …

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If you are a reader of ingredients, you already know that SHEA BUTTER is in many of our cosmetics, particularly natural ones. What do you know about it? If you …

Tax Tips: RRSP vs TFSA

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Is Your Book Cover Attracting Buyers?

3 Things to Consider about Your Book’s Cover Is  your book cover attracting buyers? The content may be great but if the cover is bad, the chances of your book being …

Getting Published in the 21st Century

What TV and the Movies Get Wrong

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Medical Procedurals Part Two

Like its police counterpart, medical procedurals have a long history in television. ER (Premiere September 1994) Author Michael Crichton, author of 18 novels, (thirteen were made into films), wrote a …

Medical Procedurals – in your writing

With All Due Respect – It’s Complicated

Reading Suggestions for 2018

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Words That Will Ruin Your Sentence


Actually . . . crutch words slip into sentences in order to give the speaker more time to think or to emphasize a statement. Over time, they become unconscious verbal tics. Most often, crutch words do not add meaning to a statement.


Laugh of the Day

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Most Misused Words


Sometimes, words become misconstrued and thus misused over time. What’s the enormity of the problem? Well, maybe, it’s not a problem, but simply an opportunity to refine our lexicon?

However, enormity isn’t the right word to describe this situation. Like all the words on today’s list, enormity’s primary definition isn’t what you think. Enormity has come to mean “hugeness” or “immensity,” like enormousness, but it actually means “atrociousness.” The enormity of a person’s act is the heinousness, not the scale, of the action.