When to Launch Your Audiobook


Here are my two favorite ‘story lines’ for audiobook launches. By the way, I find it’s most helpful for you to imagine yourself inside of these situations and see which one fits you best.

Story #1: In which our hero resuscitates their book and gives it new life

Your previously launched books can be given new wings by being turned into an audiobook format. This strategy gives you the ability to have an entirely new product launch without having to create ANY new content. If your content needs a little updating, then pairing an “anniversary edition” or “2nd edition” of your book with an audiobook version is a fantastic option.

Story #2: In which our hero rides gloriously into their new book launch…with an audiobook as the cavalry coming over the ridge to ensure victory

If you’re in the process of getting ready to publish a new book, then having an audiobook version will extend the life of your launch. To have a powerful launch, you want to reach as many people for as long as possible. Releasing your audiobook 2-12 weeks following your initial book release allows you to continue to market your book with the same launch partners and with minimal changes to your social media and email content while still keeping the momentum and excitement going.

Epilogue: On promoting your book successfully – a secret from the world of fiction

Publishing is big business, that’s no secret. But something that fiction authors know about that never gets mentioned in nonfiction circles are the websites where tens of thousands of readers sign up to find out about new books. You can get your book promoted on these sites without paying a dime, or just investing a small amount. I’ve curated a list of these sites for my clients, and you can also research them online, starting with sites like the Author Marketing Club and BookBub. There are dozens more if you’re willing to dive into the research, or reach out and get some support from those of us who have “been there, done that.”

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