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Cindy DeJager - Opal Publishing
Cindy DeJager, Opal Publishing

I grew up in a home where we loved books. My mother was an avid reader and researcher ( she was writing The Many Waters).  I was a very young girl when I used to watch my mother write her book using the old manual typewriter. The tall, wood bookshelf in the living room used to fascinate me and the titles of my mother’s research material intrigued me for many years. In 2000, my mother self-published her book and I learned how to market and promote it. Amazon was a new sales platform at that time.

Later on, I would become a freelance editor and then eight years ago I landed my first real job as an editor for a Calgary publishing company and worked my way to senior editor within the first year. While working there I paid close attention to every detail of the operations so that I could learn as much as possible - so that I could eventually learn more about publishing. But, I was working for a magazine publisher and it was not very close in what I thought I was looking for. 

Years passed and in 2014 when my mother became ill I decided to open my own publishing company, Opal Publishing, named after the birthstone that my mother and I shared. I originally had plans to publish books, but somewhere along the way I slipped elegantly into publishing a newsletter which turned into a magazine after the second publication. 

My mother passed away in 2015 and I retired my mother’s company, Rosetta Stone Press. I continue to sell my mother's book, The Many Waters here on Opal Publishing; as well, I finished my sister's book, The Forgotten Song, when she became terminally ill and died in 2014. She asked me to finish the story for her and publish it; which I did. Unfortunately, she died before she could know the ending. I invite you to buy and read this lovely story of the 'other side'.

Welcome to Opal!!

I hope you find some pleasure in my magazines and my inbox is always open to your emails and comments.

Wishing You Immense Success,