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Dwayne Clayden:

Is an emergency and medical specialist who writes fiction and is currently working on a 4-book set to help writers produce accurate EMS and medical scenes in their writing. Dwayne connects with writers and authors through his weekly newsletter and column on both Opal and his website.

Dr. Stephen Hobbs

Guide executives in their Next Fifty to fully express their legacy … as they create the well-living workplace with staff, volunteers and customers and/or involve their grandchildren in the outdoors with trees …
Stephen connects with writers with his inspiring articles .

Catherine Saykaly-Stevens:

Catherine is currently the owner of The Networking Web where she specializes in Audience Growth and Fan-Engagement Social Media Consulting and Training for group courses or for one-on-one consulting.
She trains authors, entrepreneurs, writers, and speakers how to how quickly and easily making a shift in your work can bring audience growth, increased fan-engagement, and expedite reach & influence, resulting in more sales. She does this with the ‘Social Media Quick Start Program’, a 10-week, step-by-step system.

Debbie McGarry:

Debbie is a communicator with technical, financial, creative and environmental writing experience. She helps aspiring authors who want their books published on Amazon Kindle or Smashwords.
Debbie specializes in writing, editing, interviewing, and e-publishing on Amazon Kindle and Smashwords. Debbie offers different levels of editing: stylistic and structural editing, copy editing, formatting, and proofreading. Debbie assists clients with consistent writing styles for website copy, articles, books, e-books and technical manuals. She also advises clients on social media strategies and social media content. 
Go to for information on rates and to view Debbie’s portfolio.

Stella Constance:

Book Reviews and Forward Views, with Stella Constance
Community Human Resources Developer and Educator with over 30 years of experience working with different organizations and social environments. Projects span from the fields of sustainable community health development (specializing in human resources) to multimedia writing and production. Projects often focus on the health and sustainability practices of businesses and associated communities to maintain their long-term viability . Charitable works include, assisting Jabes Orphanage Community School in Nairobi, Kenya, by creating a successful and expansive agricultural program, with some additional community support given for Jabes School and nearby affiliated communities.

Art Proctor:

Arts Administration /Digital Media /Film Business Development Liaison
Film/Stage Technician ,Social Digital Media Consultant, Multi Platform Story Coach 
I have been a Digital Media and Arts Admin Consultant in the entertainment industry for ten years – developing and implementing digital media strategies and tactical initiatives for some of the most well known brands in the Canadian entertainment industry.

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