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  • Title: Opal
  • ISSN2371-6541
  • Frequency: Monthly 10 times a year. No publication in August or December
  • Cost: One Year Subscription $19.99. Non-subscribers and back copies start at 99 cents to $3.99. Opal is also supported by advertisers and sponsors
  • Distribution: Opal’s reach is 75,000 and growing. Opal is presently read in Canada, U.S., and Australia, and the U.K.
  • Format: PDF, Flip Book, Print is available upon request


Author Columns! Sharing their expertise with an article or column

Opal contains primarily Canadian content, but we invite all authors to share their books, events, and publishing and marketing success with their reader fan base and fellow authors and writers. Opal Publishing is proud to share these achievements with the reading community. Most of the articles, book reviews, interviews, short stories and prose, are submitted freely to Opal Publishing, however, we do have paid author columnists.