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Feature Writers

How to Genre

Axel Howerton is the Prairies Region Director of the Crime Writers of Canada, The Kintsugi Poets, and the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association. He is an author, editor, poet, publisher and former entertainment journalist, and the organizer of the quarterly Calgary crime soiree #NoirBarYYC.

Social Media Strategies

Catherine Saykaly-Stevens coaches and trains the novice writer, and published author alike, to understand how to master social media, to build their audience and engage with fans and influencers.

Literature & Film

Stella Constance
Community Educator,
Writer/Editor, Producer at Stellar Constance Productions

Mind, Body, Spirit

Angela Villavicencio-Requis is the creative visionary and owner of Earth Cravings Restaurant. While attaining her masters degree in neuroscience, Angela discovered her true passion for cooking and nutrition. Since then she has committed herself to creating foods that are not only delicious but also healthy. She now lives a life inspired to nourish the masses and educate the world on eating to heal.


Jean Kay is a prolific poet, who has written a poem every morning for 18 ½ years. 

Short Ficiton

John D Robinson is our U.K. short fiction contributor.

And More new writers each month...

  • Dwayne Clayden, Crime Author
  • Mahrie Reid, Mystery Author
  • Sandi Whipple, Romance Author
  • Eileen Head, Self Help Author
Coming Next Month
  • Dr. James Truong, ND